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Jonathan Payne Project Manager

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Jonathan Payne has over 10 years of experience in project design and management, and group facilitation methodologies from a wide range of technical assistance and community development positions. 

He has served as Project Manager of the WorkforceGPS project for more than three years. Under his guidance, ETA successfully transitioned from their legacy site of 12 years, Workforce3One, to the new platform WorkforceGPS. During and after the transition, ETA continues to enjoy seamless delivery of their online technical assistance and audience outreach from the virtual events team that Jonathan leads.  Jonathan works closely with ETA staff to develop and manage their respective websites to ensure that robust content is on the site and participants are regularly engaged.  His team consistently promotes and encourages innovative ways to redesign site layout, content, and outreach strategies to make ETA’s online content more impactful and engaging, such as ‘next-gen’ virtual TA methodologies and modern learning techniques, like micro-learning modules, interactive content, mobile learning, and virtual institutes.

Prior to joining the Maher team, Jonathan worked for the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) in the Office of Workforce Investment.  As a Workforce Analyst on the Adult Policy Team, he developed policy solutions, funding priorities, and new program designs.  During his time with ETA he shaped the conceptual vision and grant development of the U.S. Government’s first Pay for Success pilot projects, acted as the Federal Project Officer to 13 states for the Expanding Business Engagement Initiative, and created policy direction and technical assistance to the Workforce Innovation Fund.

Jonathan has an in-depth knowledge of community organizing, team building, and group development following his three years as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Panama.  He is well versed in providing interactive and customized trainings in both formal and non-traditional settings.  As the national Agri-Business Coordinator for Peace Corps Panama, he provided high-level technical assistance on agri-business principals to both national institutions and local farmers cooperatives.  In addition to community development, Jonathan helped establish sustainable business practices, environmental conservation plans, and youth development projects.  Jonathan got his start in public policy in Boston, Massachusetts working on workforce development and early childhood education programs.  Jonathan has a BA degree in International Studies with an Environmental Focus, from the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech University.  He also holds a minor in political science from Virginia Tech University.

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