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Apprenticeship:  America’s Next Talent Development Solution

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) launched ApprenticeshipUSA – a national movement to adopt apprenticeship as a talent development solution for our nation’s businesses and meet the President’s goal to double the number of apprentices in the United States over five years.  Apprenticeship is a proven model, combining on-the-job training with related education, which provides career pathways for workers and a highly-skilled workforce for businesses.

Continuing the ApprenticeshipUSA movement this year, USDOL has asked for Maher & Maher’s support with a series of events for targeted industry sectors.  While apprenticeship originally was used in construction and manufacturing, the modern apprenticeship model can work for any business and is increasingly being used in diverse industries, from healthcare to transportation to information technology.  These “ApprenticeshipUSA Accelerator” events will bring together businesses and other industry stakeholders, including education and workforce systems, to accelerate the adoption of apprenticeship in the industry and help businesses rapidly develop and launch apprenticeship programs.

ApprenticeshipThe first event of the year, held in Chicago in March, focused on apprenticeship in the financial sector and was co-hosted by industry leaders Aon and Zurich North America.  In the first part of the day, CEOs and other senior leaders from over 20 financial service and insurance companies met with Deputy Secretary of Labor Chris Lu.

Following that discussion, Rick Maher facilitated a conversation with human resources managers and other officials from these companies, as well as representatives from educational institutions, foundations, and the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Treasury.  Leaders from Aon and Zurich outlined how their companies have effectively used apprenticeship training, and then Rick Maher led a discussion about the opportunities for the financial services and insurance sectors to use apprenticeship as a workforce solution.  The meeting concluded with commitments by the companies to continue to work together to accelerator the adoption of apprenticeship programs in their industry.

Throughout 2016, Maher & Maher will work with the USDOL to advance apprenticeship in key industry sectors and embed apprenticeship as a critical talent development solution for our country.

Please visit Maher & Maher's website for more information about our work on apprenticeship.


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