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Change Leadership MOOC Premieres Today!

Today we are launching “Leading Change While Implementing Innovation” – ETA’s First Massive Open Online Classroom (MOOC) offering! I’m so pleased to be able to work with a selected group of ETA grantees as the instructor and look forward to some great learning over the five-week course.

The MOOC format – a 100% online learning format where content is available to learners 24x7, whenever schedules allow – uses a new learning format called a “flipped classroom.” This format has participants learn as much from interacting with each other as they do from the instructor. Each week will begin with a short lecture and will then continue through self-assessments, online discussions with peers and an occasional article, video or self-check quiz.

In this MOOC format (actually it's a SPOC – “Small Private Online Classroom” for this trial, as only several dozen grantees will be invited in to this pilot), we will be awarding “Digital Badges” for folks who engage positively in discussion threads, and also for completion of each week and for the course. Someday, we may see these “digital badges” replace post-secondary credentials – and even college diplomas as two-way, digital evidence of learning accomplishment, so we’re really thrilled to be demonstrating the technology in this curriculum.

student onlineIn the end, this course is more about the learning content than the technology (as new and important as it might be). Change is all around us, and research would suggest its pace and complexity will only increase in the future.

“Leading Change While Implementing Innovation” is designed to help grantees become more effective change leaders. It uses much of the same content we are using to explore individual and organizational resiliency in our private sector practice, and we are really excited to be bringing it to the Nation’s Workforce System!

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development consulting firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The firm is the national Technical Assistance (TA) contractor for Sector Strategies for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA), as well as the TA contractor supporting ETA’s implementation of WIOA. For more information about our services visit us at or call us at 1-888-90-Maher.

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Kristen Tue, September 13, 2016 - 8:32:51 AM

I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!

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