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Customers on the Move: Maher Client named a “Top 20” Leader in Atlanta!

We love it when our clients get recognized for leadership and innovation – particularly when they are committed to the type of transformational change we’re advocating in the Nation’s workforce development system.

Our report to the City of Atlanta was a critical look at the City’s workforce agency coupled with a hard-hitting set of recommendations designed to transform its performance. The Atlanta Workforce Development Agency( AWDA) needed to re-invent itself as part of a collaborative – working with area economic development, education and five regional workforce boards – to begin to create a talent supply chain to drive the City’s economic prosperity and build family-sustaining career opportunities for its citizens.


Enter Michael Sterling. Appointed by Mayor Kasim Reed to lead the Agency’s revival, Mike was a staunch supporter of the vision for AWDA and entered the job at a time of great upheaval. Still, he worked tirelessly and forcefully to change the Agency’s culture and move the needle on change.

We’re so pleased to see him named as one of 2015’s Top 20 People to Watch in Atlanta. “Michael Sterling: The Reformer” is an interesting read and a great introduction to Mike and his commitment to a new vision embodied in our final report to Mayor Reed

We here at Maher & Maher are celebrating with Michael and with the entire team at AWDA and will continue to watch and support your bold transformation on behalf of the citizens and business community in Atlanta!


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