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Maher & Maher Goes to the White House!

Washington, D.C.: The Maher Team recently visited the White House in support of our clients at ApprenticeshipUSA.

White_House_Group_photoThe recent White House Summit on ApprenticeshipUSA was a capstone event following this Summer’s launch of the Sectors of Excellence in Apprenticeship (SEA) initiative. Part of President Obama’s call to double the number of the Nation’s apprentices by 2020, SEA brought together leaders from six key industry sectors – Construction, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Logistics/Transportation – in regional meetings around the U.S. These SEA events saw industry leaders and leaders from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship come together, brainstorm actions and make commitments to advance the application of apprenticeship in meeting the Nation’s talent needs today and tomorrow.

“The SEA events were great,” said Amy Young, Maher’s Program Manager. “Business leaders brought great energy and commitment to the cause and we can see how these can kick-start us on meeting the challenge the President has laid out for us all.”

The White House Summit brought representatives from each SEA group and each industry sector to meet with White House staff and leaders from the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Energy, Transportation, and Health and Human Services. Labor Secretary Perez led the entire day’s event personally, and the group was even treated to an appearance and remarks from Vice President Biden.

“The SEA schedule was really demanding. We were called to support and facilitate these sessions for DOL over a crunched, six-week period – and then help pull together and support the Summit too,” continued Ms. Young. “But it was so rewarding to see all these leaders coming together to make something happen. Our Team really pulled together for this, and it was great to see what a difference we were able to help our client at DOL make!”

The push continues with an upcoming National Apprenticeship Week and a host of other activities, and the SEAs will continue to play an important role as we move forward to help DOL reach their goals.

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development-consulting Firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The Firm serves clients in both Government and the Private Sector – including the financial services, communications and bio-pharma industries.       



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