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Maher & Maher Presents on Apprenticeship and WBL

as Pathways to Jobs and Performance Results for Sector Strategies...

The Garden State Employment and Training Association (GSETA) invited us to present to their 35th Annual Workforce Development Conference, which included workforce development professionals and partners organizations from across New Jersey. I was excited to accept this opportunity to discuss how we can best reach successful sector strategy and WIOA outcomes through Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning in my home state. 

Growing broad, bi-partisan support for Apprenticeship recognizes the critical import of bridging the skills gap in the modern workforce, and the clear ability of Apprenticeship programs to deliver outcomes. Case studies of a number of national efforts to expand apprenticeship offer clear evidence that while multiple variables may impact success, integrating sector strategy efforts with apprenticeship as a key implementation strategy produces improved outcomes for employers as well as job seekers. 

Following a brief review of President Trump’s recent Executive Order related to Apprenticeship, and New Jersey’s Talent Development Strategy, we discussed how Apprenticeships can help meet the goals of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act and New Jersey’s Combined State Plan. 

Three case studies were presented, including an innovative workforce board acting as sponsor for a regional apprenticeship program, a successful intermediary model which has grown from one state to a national effort within a single industry, and an international model for engaging high school students. Our presentation is available here.

The New Jersey audience has already had some great success in developing their talent pipeline through sector and career pathways strategies, but is interested in further leveraging apprenticeship and work-based learning to achieve optimal outcomes for both employer and job seeker clients. I encouraged them to take advantage of the extensive set of tools, promising practices, and materials we have developed for our client, ETA’s Office of Apprenticeship available through the ApprenticeshipUSA Community of Practice. The tools on this site are designed to help accelerate the adoption of apprenticeship programs. They are easy to engage with and available free of charge. We wish them all the best as they continue their great work!

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development consulting firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The firm is U.S. Department of Labor’s national technical assistance provider supporting the Employment and Training Administration’s implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and a number of other priority initiatives of the administration that advance and promote the public workforce system. Maher is also currently involved in a number of sector strategy, regional planning, organizational strategic planning and training initiatives in multiple state and regional areas. For more information about our services, visit our website at or call us at 1-888-90-Maher.


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