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Maher & Maher Team Supports South Carolina’s Sector Strategies Regional Planning Institute

Last week, seven members of the Maher team spent two full days at Midlands Technical College in West Columbia, South Carolina to support South Carolina’s Sector Strategies Regional Planning Institute.  The Institute was one important part of the state’s larger Talent Pipeline Project, an effort convened by our client, the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (DEW), and jointly supported by DEW’s partners, the South Carolina Department of Commerce, the South Carolina Technical College System, and the South Carolina State Department of Education. 

SC SessionWe have been partnering with South Carolina state leaders to support and facilitate the development and implementation of regional workforce planning and sector strategies since the spring of 2015.  Leading up to the March Institute, we provided in-depth data analysis assistance to help the state identify statewide target industry sectors; assisted in the formation of regional teams representing workforce development, economic development, education, and other partners in the state’s four major economic regions; provided virtual facilitation and coaching to lead the teams through regional self-assessment and asset-mapping exercises; and provided teams with customized data reports on key industries and top occupations in their regional economies. 

At the Institute, Maher facilitators worked with teams in regional planning sessions to explore regional data and identify focus sectors, conduct SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analyses to drive the prioritization of regional strategies, and dig into the development of regional plans for sector-focused talent development.
“It was gratifying to see all four regional teams actively engaged in this work,” said Rick Maher, the Firm’s President/CEO. “This project is potentially transformational for South Carolina’s System and, by design, helps them lay a strong foundation for implementing WIOA. Regional teams were really engaged and energized to move the process forward.”

During the institute, and in the months to come, we will be working with the teams to further development – and implementation – of their plans for regionally-based industry sector efforts.  From articulating a shared regional vision, to transforming employer and job seeker service delivery, to aligning and braiding resources in support of sustainability, and more, we are excited to be exploring critical questions, and crafting responsive solutions, with regional teams in South Carolina.

The Maher team is thrilled to be a partner in South Carolina’s ambitious vision for building the talent pipeline in the state!  We look forward to sharing updates with you as the work continues.

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development consulting firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The firm is the national Technical Assistance (TA) contractor for Sector Strategies for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) as well as the TA contractor supporting ETA’s implementation of WIOA. For more information about our services visit us at or call us at 1-888-90-Maher.

SC Sector Strategies Session


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