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Maher Team at NAWB Conference: Premier of our Merger with IMPAQ!

Several members of the Maher Team spent last week mingling with workforce pros at the National Association of Workforce Board’s (NAWB) annual conference in Washington, D.C. Over the years we see the NAWB Conference as one of a few, key national meetings that keeps us connected with our colleagues and clients in the Workforce Development System, and also keeps us connected to important trends and challenges across the United States.

This year was particularly special for us, however, as we premiered our new relationship with IMPAQ following our much talked about acquisition by them at the end of 2017. IMPAQ and Maher staff worked together to staff our booth and briefed visitors on our new, combined capabilities that bring broader offerings and increased capacity to our clients in the U.S. and internationally.

“It was so great networking with so many friends and clients this year at NAWB,” said Beth Brinly, Maher’s V.P. of Workforce Innovation. “Our expanded capacity and capability now as part of the IMPAQ family is going to make 2018 an exciting year for us – and give us a chance to expand our reach for our clients and make even a bigger difference for those we serve, and I couldn’t be more excited!”

Maher/IMPAQ Client MapIMPAQ has long been a leader in social policy research and program evaluation, serving clients at both the national and state levels. Now, as an IMPAQ Company, Maher & Maher brings a nationally known capability in change management, training design and technical assistance to the table.

“The combined firms offer truly un-matched capabilities to the Nation’s Workforce Development Boards,” said Richard D. (“Rick”) Maher, V.P. & General Manager of Maher & Maher (now a wholy-owned subsidiary of IMPAQ LLC). “After nearly 31 years leading this organization, I’m thrilled to watch it evolve and extend it’s value to clients at the federal, state and local levels, and offer new, great opportunities to our employees.”

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development consulting firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The firm is U.S. Department of Labor’s national technical assistance provider supporting the Employment and Training Administration’s implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and a number of other priority initiatives of the administration that advance and promote the public workforce system. Maher is also currently involved in a number of sector strategy, regional planning, organizational strategic planning and training initiatives in multiple state and regional areas. For more information about our services, visit our website or call us at 1-888-90-Maher.


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