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New Leadership for Our State and Regional Practice at Maher & Maher

Our team at Maher & Maher has helped many organizations successfully manage and thrive in the midst of change. We know that every organization has moments of transition, including us! Today we announce a change to the leadership in Maher & Maher’s State and Regional Workforce Solutions practice. Over the past fifteen years, many of our clients have worked with Arnie Richter, outgoing Director of that practice, on State and Regional projects and on Federal Practice projects. Arnie has been there almost from the beginning of our Federal Practice, helping to build a strong foundation before moving on to focus on state and regional work. After a number of years of sharing his passion and energy with our clients on a full-time basis, Arnie has decided that the time has come to reduce his hours while still contributing to the work he loves. He will be continuing to work with our clients on a part-time basis, moving from management to an advisory and business development role.

Be assured that we won’t miss a beat – In fact, Carrie Yeats has already assumed the Director position. She and Arnie have developed a terrific working relationship, and the practice is poised for significant expansion with recent project announcements in South Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. Carrie brings more than a dozen years of experience in leading large planning initiatives for local, state, and regional workforce, higher education, and economic development collaboratives. Carrie’s background as a practitioner in that all-important space where economic development, workforce, education and employers intersect is a great asset to the firm and the practice. She looks forward to continuing to build strong partnerships with our state and regional clients, and we are delighted to have Carrie on the team!

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