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Peer Learning Groups Drive Sector Strategies Success

Maher & Maher, together with our partners at Jobs for the Future (JFF), the National Governor’s Association Center for Workforce Excellence and the National Network for Sector Partners, continues to be the prime contract support for the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA).

Now in our third year of partnership with ETA, we continue to drive innovative approaches to technical assistance – providing effective and efficient opportunities for workforce practitioners to access capacity building tools to help accelerate the System’s adoption of sector-based approaches to workforce development.

One such innovation is the Sector Strategies Peer-Learning Groups (PLGs). Each PLG offers a topic-specific space for workforce leaders interested in developing industry sector partnerships.  PLGs involve individuals working together in groups to overcome specific challenges and adapt national promising practices. Led by a trained facilitator and an expert practitioner, the calls give the participants the opportunity to discuss their experiences in the field. Since their inception less than two years ago, thousands have participated.  

According to Todd Cohen, Maher’s Program Manager for the Sector Strategies ETA support team, “PLGs are engaging, specific to areas of need we know the System is asking for and focused on providing real-time help in formats folks can access and get immersed in quickly. We are thrilled with the level of engagement we see with this format, and are looking forward to adding value in the weeks and months ahead.”

Peer GroupCurrent PLGs include:

  • Organizational Capacity & Sustainability – a look at the nuts and bolts of operating and sustaining sector partnerships
  • State-Level Engagement – examining how states can and should be supporting sector partnerships
  • Connecting Sectors and Apprenticeship – Showcasing apprenticeship work occurring at an industry-wide level (the how’s and why’s)

Click here to register. The next call topic is “Apprenticeship: The Talent Development Solution for Sector Strategies.” This call is scheduled for Thursday, August 11th. Register today to receive an invite with the call-in information!

Maher & Maher is a specialized change management and talent development consulting firm based in New Jersey and Washington, D.C. The firm is U.S. Department of Labor’s national technical assistance provider supporting the Employment and Training Administration’s implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and a number of other priority initiatives of the administration that advance and promote the public workforce system. Maher is also currently involved in a number of sector strategy, regional planning, organizational strategic planning and training initiatives in multiple state and regional areas. For more information about our services, visit our website or call us at 1-888-90-Maher.


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