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Webinar Recap: Making Sector Strategies Real

On September 10, 2015, Maher & Maher hosted a webinar designed to help state workforce development agencies leverage their Sector Partnership National Emergency Grant award to achieve their talent development goals. We covered topics including the vision for industry sector-focused talent pipeline development, characteristics of high-performing sector strategies, critical success factors, and the planning process for creating, implementing and sustaining sector-based regional planning. One of the main reasons for creating this webinar is to provide an overview of information helpful to grantees as they engage in planning to create or enhance sector partnerships.

When tied closely to the passage of WIOA and the adoption of sector strategies, regional workforce planning, integrated service delivery, and enhanced use of data to drive planning and service delivery, the SP NEG program offers an opportunity to enhance alignment among workforce development, economic development and educational goals and strategies.

Aligning public partners and engaging employers in sector partnerships is no easy task and requires partners to engage in a transformational change process. Maher and Maher’s Six Step Process for Progress ℠ is customized based on the “as is” situation of each state or region and includes:

  1. Gather workforce data/intelligence – This includes forming a leadership team, a public agency data team subgroup, and working together to identify, revise, and decide on target industries.
  2. Form sector partnerships – By convening both public sector partners and working towards convening full partnerships, partnership teams plan to move from “As-is” to “Future-vision.”
  3. Assess talent needs – This requires taking inventory of education and training programs as well as developing an education and training gap analysis in relation to fully understood industry talent needs.
  4. Develop strategies and align resources – The objective is to identify training resources and investments to actualize Career Pathways via enhanced and targeted education and training opportunities, including increased work-based training, accelerated skills training, etc.
  5. Operationalize – Transforming sector strategies into actual customer-centered service delivery can be achieved by aligning business services to target sectors on a regional basis as well as enhanced job seeker access to career pathways.
  6. Assess, adjust, improve, and sustain – This last step focuses on continuous improvement by involving the full partnership team in setting sector-based goals outside of formal WIOA standards, monitoring implementation and goal achievement, and closing the “management loop”.

The Maher & Maher team created a self-assessment tool to assist SP NEG awardees align internally on current “as-is” state, set priorities for action, and identify needs for support, training and technical assistance. To access the self-assessment, presentation, and webinar recording, please click here.

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