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WIOA Quick Start Action Planners Launched: A New Tool to Help in Effective Implementation

As part of our support of ETA’s Technical Assistance initiative in support of the implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), we are designing a series of web-based tools that can help state and local leaders prepare for the new law.

The WIOA Quick Start Action Planners (QSAPs) are web-based self-assessments designed to help state and local leaders identify areas of strength and challenges as they prepare their workforce systems for the implementation of WIOA. ETA will be releasing QSAPs on priority topics, including Leadership and Governance, Partnerships, One-Stop Service Delivery, and Youth Service Strategies. Once users obtain their results, they will be directed to helpful resources as well a WIOA Action Plan to help them take action where necessary. The first of the series has been released as is available here (link).

“The concept of a “quick-start” planning tool – a private, self-assessment – is not new to us,” said Richard D. (“Rick”) Maher, President & CEO. “We have used them successfully with both public and private sector clients. The idea here is to allow folks to privately assess their “as-is” condition so they can prioritize an action plan that makes sense for their unique circumstances. It is really part of an effective change management strategy, and we look forward to doing more with ETA and system leaders as they prepare for the new law. It is an exciting time in workforce development, and we’re pleased to be apart of it all.”

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