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Your Skills, Your Future: TN Chamber Partners to Address Manufacturing Skills Gap

Many times, workforce system leaders look to economic projections to find growing occupations and industries so they can best target limited resources at sectors that are expanding and offer family-sustaining careers. Of course, that is as it should be.

Sometimes we can miss, however, real opportunities for great jobs in sectors that may not be among the fastest growing, but which present opportunity due to their “greying workforces.”

Your Skills Your Future logoWe found this great site – Your Skills, Your Future – that the Cleveland, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce has launched in partnership with private sector partners, to educate students, parents and job seekers in careers in manufacturing. We like the work, so we thought we’d share.

Here’s some of what they get right. They talk directly to the worker, in plain language and using terms that resonate with job seekers. “Discover a lifelong career with minimal or extensive training, and without massive student loan debt.” 

The site offers data about job growth and why workers should care: “By 2017, an estimated 2.5 million new, skilled jobs are expected to be added to the workforce, accounting for nearly 40% of all job growth.” They provide direct links to financial aid resources and SAT and ACT prep and test sites, making the site a one-stop solution for students and families.

They’ve developed content that works directly for students, but also for parents, educators, and adult workers. They’ve developed an online career quiz and an informative blog about regional employment. The design is clean, responsive and unfussy.

If you’re developing a site for your regional sector strategy, you could find lots to like here. Nice job folks!!

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