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Our Capabilities

Web-Based Training Solutions

As more and more of our clients “go virtual” with their training solutions, Maher & Maher provides innovative products and services that help cultivate the talent development and process solutions needed in today’s global economy. We offer a treasure chest of world-class Web-Based Training Solution Sets and custom training development services backed by two decades of experience implementing effective learning programs.

Our Web-Based Training Solutions (web-based training courses, virtual classrooms, online videos, mobile applications, podcasts, online discussions, etc.) feature today’s most common approaches to solving virtual learning challenges, as well as state-of-the-art Learning 2.0 solutions that incorporate the newest Web tools.  

Whether you’re just starting with eLearning, or are looking to support a large-scale project, Maher & Maher can help you turn up your eLearning application quickly and easily. We’ll work with you to design a managed solution including custom and packaged content, webinar facilitation, site hosting, Learning Management System (LMS) application provider services, and help desk services for your learners. We bundle services from our partners — some of the industry’s top providers (like DellNet and WebEx) — to allow you to meet the needs of a large-scale solution or a single project as quickly as possible. We’ll do whatever it takes to make your project work. Our turn-key eLearning responses delivered nearly 50,000 online courses last year alone, for leading clients in government and industry!

Web-Based Training Solution Sets

Tutorials - electronically delivered short, topical learning experiences typically designed to teach the learner how to perform a particular action, such as how to program a particular function into a piece of electronic equipment, navigate the features of an online resource, or correctly populate the fields of an electronic document. Tutorials most often present a series of steps to accomplish a particular task and can serve both a learning and reference function. They can be text-based, or they can incorporate interactivity, audio, video, or other media. Tutorials usually don’t require an LMS to be delivered, though they can integrate with or be hosted on your LMS.  We offer several delivery options for tutorials:

  • Fixed - for learners who have access to a desktop or laptop computer for learning. Since these tutorials are typically delivered over the Internet and viewed with a standard browser, they offer the most media flexibility, and aren’t usually restricted by the device they are delivered to or any proprietary delivery network.
  • Mobile - particularly suited to field employees who may not have access to a desktop or laptop, or need the information while they are mobile. There are unique challenges for tutorials to be played on mobile devices due to the small screen size, memory limitations, and lack of standards between service carriers and devices. But, but when mobility is required, we can work around these limitations to create highly  effective tutorials for your learners.

Virtual Classroom - as the name implies, a virtual classroom takes the traditional live class experience and replicates it on the Web. Virtual classrooms are typically scheduled events produced for a specific class of learners, and are led by a facilitator or an instructor. They often include interactive presentations that are supplemented with slides and/or video, polling questions that gauge the personal experience and specific needs of participants, breakout rooms for small group discussions, chat and whiteboard features that allow learners to pose questions and share ideas in real-time, and assessments that measure the learners’ grasp of new material. Virtual classrooms are particularly appropriate when the learning program must be delivered online on a scheduled basis, and are exceptionally valuable because they allow the learners and instructor to interact.

eLearning - electronically delivered modules or courses for self-paced learning. Typically delivered online, eLearning can also be delivered via CD or DVD (usually referred to as Computer-based Training). eLearning programs can range greatly in terms of level of interactivity and student engagement. The simplest eLearning programs consist of slide decks or text material for students to read on-screen, to full motion video and complex simulations that graphically replicate the challenges and environment in which the student will be performing. eLearning programs are typically hosted and delivered by an Learning Management System (LMS), include audio, track learner progress and report course completion, and incorporate module assessments and/or final exams.

However, newer eLearning solutions now enable us to produce courses as an open-design, stand-alone website. These solutions are easy to update, do not require an expensive LMS, and include many Web 2.0 features such as live hosting and participant tracking via the web. They also allow learners to engage in collaborative in-lesson discussions with peers across the globe, live asynchronous learning polls, and the ability to intermix new & preexisting learning objects such as audio, video, and previously developed courses.  Whatever your eLearning needs, Maher can produce the full range of eLearning courses from simple to complex. 

  • Rapid Development eLearning - to the simple side of the spectrum, rapid development programs typically present screens of relatively static curriculum in bullet-point format with narration. Rapid development eLearning is most appropriate for programs that must be produced quickly on a very limited budget, featuring curriculum that is so compelling or necessary that learners will be highly engaged regardless of the production value or built-in interactivity.
  • Fully Interactive eLearning - these online courses most often employ the regular use of on-screen motion and interactive exercises to increase learner engagement. Video clips are often included both to facilitate learning and for engagement.

Help Programs (Video) - these learning and reference tools are short, topical programs incorporated into Web sites or electronic devices that teach users how to navigate the features and functions of the Web site or device.  In their simplest form, these are text helps that the user accesses by clicking on a help icon or drop-down menu. However, in-context help programs can be as sophisticated as multi-screen tutorials and video clips that demonstrate an activity.

Video Production - whether you need a clip to drop into a larger course or a full video learning program we can provide full video capabilities including script writing, casting, production, and post-production. In addition, we have in-house Green Screen, or chroma key, capabilities which allow us to mix two images or frames together by shooting video against a special background and replacing the background later with another video or image. This is a powerful learning tool that allows us to use technology to quickly and inexpensively create complex video-based illustrations.

Podcasts - these are audio or video files posted to the Internet or to an intranet that learners can download and listen to or watch to learn about a particular subject. Podcasts are most appropriate for information and curriculum that lends itself to passive listening or watching, and for an audience that has enough technological savvy to use the medium. Maher & Maher offers a full range of support services for Podcasts including scripting, narration, recording and technology support for distribution.

Games and Simulations - decision-making is a critical skill for many positions, but teaching it effectively requires specific objectives in learning design, learner engagement and reinforcement of skills taught. However, the use of games and other simulation programs can be extremely effective in teaching decision-making in a way that will have a substantial impact on an organization’s performance. Our "FutureGame: Corporate Edition” is the preeminent tool for teaching decision-making in a strategic planning context. We also have the ability to create custom simulation games for your unique requirements.

Online Communities of Practice - this is a set of information and interactive resources that serve a group of people who share a common interest, vocational or otherwise. An effective Community of Practice teaches problem solving, new knowledge and skills, best practices, standardization of practice, time saving, and mistake avoidance through informational, learning, and sharing programs. They often meet needs of the community that aren’t easily satisfied through traditional communication and training programs.

In addition to these modern digital learning solutions, Maher & Maher frequently combines them with traditional face-to-face training methods to create a hybrid blended learning solution so that each solution we create is perfectly tailored to meet our clients’ diverse training needs.  Custom programs can be completely unique from learning methodology in terms of content to change management/integration, or they can incorporate solutions from our solution sets. Either way, the end result is completely unique and individually designed for your organization.