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Our Capabilities

Blended Learning Solutions

A successful approach to delivering an effective learning experience is the use of blended learning modalities (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile).  A blended solution spans across learning preferences incorporating the best features of the various platforms available today.  For example traditional face-to-face workshops could be blended with eLearning solutions (web-based training, virtual classrooms, videos, podcasts, mobile applications, etc.) and then coaching or follow-on discussions could be facilitated one-on-one or one-to-many in an online discussion forum. 

Maher & Maher frequently uses this hybrid learning approach to tailor each solution we create to perfectly meet our clients’ diverse developmental needs.  

Our blended solution designs feature proven approaches to developing knowledge and skills to address performance challenges, as well as state-of-the-art technology (Learning 2.0 and 3.0) that incorporate the newest web-based collaborative communication tools. By reviewing Maher’s expertise and our learning and development projects, you can envision how Maher can create the best blended solution to fit your unique performance objectives, audience, budget, and timeframe.