Maher & Maher, an IMPAQ Company - Investment Advisors for Talent Development.

Our Capabilities

Curriculum Design, Assessment, & Evaluation

An integral part of Maher & Maher’s services as a boutique Organizational Change and Talent Development firm, has been to create curricula to assist our clients in transforming, advancing, and supporting the job performance of their most valuable asset—their people!

Because each client is unique, Maher specializes in customized curriculums.  And, while each curriculum that we work on is different, we have a central process that we follow to deliver an active learning experience that results in refined knowledge and skills:

  • Analysis, Preparation, and Planning: Gains clear consensus on curriculum goals, stakeholders to engage, and the process to facilitate success.
  • Assessment of Competencies and Needs: Confirms alignment of performance expectations and identifies the learning and development, as well as support systems necessary to fulfill those expectations.
  • Design of a Curriculum Plan: Outlines a professional development blueprint for the targeted curriculum audience that also encompasses curriculum goals of the organization.
  • Development of Curriculum: Delivers curriculum assets (courses, support tools, online communities) necessary to enable effective job performance.
  • Implementation: Trials the delivery and assesses the effectiveness of the curriculum with a representative target audience (Pilot).
  • Evaluation: Weighs feedback from the Pilot to refine the curriculum and its formal deployment strategy prior to delivering it in final form for the client to roll-out.

Maher & Maher’s experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts, and educational technologists, guided by our top-notch project managers, know how to expertly guide a client from project inception all the way through to the finished curriculum roll-out.  We deliver an end-to-end solution, including the support, process, and education required to make sure our clients continue to utilize and benefit from their investment for years to come.