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Games & Simulations

Maher & Maher has found the use of games and simulations to be extremely effective in teaching critical skills from decision-making, leadership, and team building, to more tactical processes such as product discovery and management.  When learning is engaging and competitive, it elicits the natural behavior styles of participants in a way that provides a personal “ah-ha” moment.  This type of experience sticks with individuals, allowing them to better connect with their strengths and self-recognize areas for improvement.

To learn more about Maher’s experience with games and simulations, you can explore:

  • The FutureGame Corporate Edition is a premium quality, experiential learning simulation set in the Australian Outback, and made available through our Adaptive Human Capital Network.  Authored by Maher & Maher’s strategic partner, David Beurle of Future iQ Partners, it has been successfully used for over a decade to guide participants through a series of critical decisions that will impact the future of their organizations in very specific, measureable ways.
  • Innovation Pursuit is a customizable online game that walks players through a product innovation process.  Players progress through the game board as they are introduced to nine process phases and the steps within each. This game was created to drive collaboration, efficiency, and quality throughout a product’s lifecycle.