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Our Capabilities

Mobile Application Design

Mobile applications are particularly suited to field employees who may not have access to a desktop or laptop, or who need key information while they are on the go.  

Maher & Maher has designed mobile solutions from several project avenues.  Most recently we partnered with a leading financial services firm to create a series of short, focused, web-based tutorials and videos.  The purpose was to provide a streamlined overview of navigation and features of the “mobile” version of a previously PC-only practice management system.  The objective of this solution was to assist the sales force in explaining effective use of the high-value practice management “mobile” system to their clientele: financial advisors. 

 As an organization consistently recognized by Barron’s for excellence in customer service and education, our partners and our team members both felt it was important to educate the sales force, who was new to iPad use.  Thus, we helped build both skill and confidence in our client’s staff to better assist their clientele in utilization of their management system via the iPad.

The educational tutorial series that Maher & Maher developed was made available on both PC and mobile (iPad) platforms.  This approach provided two benefits:  The tutorials could be hosted on the LMS and utilization could be tracked; and sales professionals could review the tutorials on the PC while walking through the live system on the iPad simultaneously, facilitating hands-on learning.

Maher & Maher understands the unique challenges associated with mobile applications:

  • Small screen size
  • Memory limitations
  • Lack of standards between service carriers and devices

However, when mobility is required, we have the experience and the ability to work within these limitations to create highly effective solutions.