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Our Capabilities

Organizational Development

Organizational Development is a purposeful effort to address the evolving needs of an organization, through systemic learning and development strategies, to cope with change.

At Maher & Maher, we have a long history of helping people to accept and embrace change, transforming teams and organizations. Our Firm has supported change initiatives that have shaped our modern workplace, including:

  • The Nation’s first large-scale corporate deployment of high-speed internet services
  • The first online corporate university in the cable television industry
  • The communications and training plan to deploy O*NET (the Occupational Information Network), which has become the common language for discussing competencies in the American economy
  • The first large-scale, interactive, online community of practice in the U.S. Department of Labor

These engagements, and others, have helped us to identify the key characteristics in individuals and organizations that tend to lead to more agile, nimble, and innovative cultures. Increasingly, we are focused on advancing this research - we call it Adaptive Human Capital - and helping organizations build more nimble people, processes, and cultures.

Through our consultative process, Maher & Maher will guide you through a formal needs assessment and gap analysis, process redesign, best practices development, and the development of innovative training solutions to engage and align your workforce from “boardroom to mailroom.” Most importantly, we will work with you to develop metrics and measure your successful results at each step of the way.