Maher & Maher, an IMPAQ Company - Investment Advisors for Talent Development.

Our Capabilities

Project Management

At Maher & Maher, our infrastructure is built on solid Management Practices which assure that we deliver both quality and capacity to benefit our clients. 

Project Management Culture. Every client project is assigned a project manager (PM) responsible for managing each project to budget and to SOW deliverables. PMs track tasks and timelines against a published project management plan. We use MS Project and the project management tools within our online SharePoint workspace to develop and maintain these plans. PMs report to a common group of Senior PMs and our Director of Operations – assuring that all activities are aligned   so that opportunities to share resources and knowledge across projects are identified.

Project Management Process.  At Maher & Maher, we adhere to the standards set forth by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the world’s leading professional association for project management, for excellence in project management practices. Our PMs have years of experience in managing many different kinds of projects - many of them high-profile projects - in both the government and private sector, and stay up-to-date on the latest project management practices and AGILE development methods (for managing IT projects).  Because we believe that success in the project environment means  consistently exceeding our stakeholders’ expectations, we carefully manage each project to align roles, responsibilities, and reporting/liaison points (including Single Point of Contact reporting, if the client desires) in order to create an effective structure that maximizes collaboration between our team and stakeholder teams as work proceeds. 

Project Managers’ Meetings. Every week, all of our PMs meet with our Director of Operations as a group in order to review project status, deliverables, and budget (to ensure that all of our projects stay on target). PMs also share knowledge with an eye on leveraging and/or connecting to other initiatives that relate to their respective projects. These meetings foster a culture of collaboration, and also serve to identify opportunities where knowledge, resources and deliverables can be shared.  In this way, all of our Project Managers participate in our company-wide culture of innovation, and can build from the successes of other projects to ensure that we offer each of our clients cutting-edge, PROVEN solutions.