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Sector Strategies


Sector Strategies

Sector strategies ― regional, industry-focused approaches to building skilled workforces ― are proving to be one of the most effective ways to align service providers to address the talent needs of employers. There is now recognition that sector-based strategies can move regions toward longer term, systemic collaboration and improved economic competitiveness in today's globally-competitive environment.

Sector-based strategies take a comprehensive, broad-based approach to identifying and addressing skill needs across key industries within a region rather than focusing on the workforce needs of individual employers on a case-by-case, "transactional" basis. These strategies require workforce and other regional service providers to establish engaged and sustainable relationships with employers to determine the specific skill and occupational requirements to meet industry needs. As these relationships strengthen, service providers will likely offer more customized, coordinated, and timely workforce solutions. Simultaneously, education and training providers will refine curricula and programs to more tightly align with industry demands. As a result, employers experience greater success finding workers with the skills they need to compete and to expand, and workers receive relevant training that can lead to greater job stability and advancement opportunities.

A number of states and regions are using the Maher six-step process to implement sector strategies as either a stand-alone initiative or as part of a broader transformational effort. We have developed a number to tools to facilitate this planning process, including a readiness self-assessment tool as well as a consensus-based decision making model for determining target industry sectors.

The Maher & Maher team offers significant understanding and experience with developing and implementing sector strategies – and related career pathways systems – in a number of regional and state contexts.

If your state or region has a desire to build industry sector partnerships as the key to addressing skill gaps, the Maher Team wants to partner with you. Together we can help to position your workforce system as an even stronger player in guiding high-quality regional industry sector partnerships and better ensure that your efforts in this area are sustainable. Using national best practices, we can work with you in the following specific areas:

  • Building regional and more unified business services (increasing business outreach coordination among community colleges, workforce areas, and economic development organizations);
  • Integrating core partner programs (e.g. TANF, Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Education) into sector partnerships;
  • Embedding industry sector approaches into career center operations; and
  • Ideas for how state and regional areas can and should collaborate to sustain good sector work.

We recognize that change is hard. We are here to help.

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