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Our Capabilities

Virtual Classrooms

As the name implies, a virtual classroom takes the traditional live classroom or workshop experience and replicates it “virtually” on the Web. Virtual classrooms are scheduled learning or sharing sessions designed to satisfy specific organizational or learning objectives. Led by a facilitator or an instructor who lends subject matter expertise to the event, these sessions are highly effective for organizations that need to communicate with a widely dispersed audience that can benefit from engaging with the facilitator and their colleagues in attendance.

At Maher & Maher, we collaborate with clients within the private and public sectors who are both well-versed and highly respected in their field of expertise, to create, moderate, and facilitate (as needed) virtual classroom sessions. Our virtual classroom platform allows participation from around the globe, enabling communication and learning via real-time participation and discussions. From workforce initiatives to organizational learning and process improvement, our virtual classroom solutions provide a robust, interactive, and flexible learning experience that compliments your talent development strategy.

What makes up a virtual classroom solution?

Interactive presentations supplemented with slides and/or video;

  • Polling questions to engage participants, identify specific needs of the audience to tailor the dialogue as needed, and  gauge the overall experience of participants;
  • Breakout rooms for small group discussions;
  • Chat and whiteboard features that allow learners to pose questions and share ideas in real-time; and
  • Assessments that measure comprehension of the topics presented.

Our virtual classroom platform is user-friendly so participants from novice to expert levels of technical know-how can successfully navigate the interface and utilize the features to participate and get the most from their experience.