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Change is the order of the day for the environment in which today’s community college operates. Economic recession and structural budget changes threaten traditional funding streams, while a dynamically shifting global economy demands increased agility to meet the needs of students and employers.

Still, the Administration’s emerging emphasis on the value of community colleges in nurturing a flexible, educated, and globally competitive workforce places the community college at the center of a region’s plans to compete and win in the global economy.

Community-Centered Strategic Planning Process ™ for Community Colleges

Our Community-Centered Strategic Planning Process ™ is our proprietary approach to addressing both the challenges and opportunities before our Nation’s Community College System. Introduced nearly a decade ago, it has been revised to align to the recent priorities identified in the American Association of Community College’s “Reclaiming the American Dream: Community Colleges and the Nation’s Future” report, and is a thorough but straightforward approach to Plan development that forward-looking College leaders can leverage as an implementation strategy for the Report’s recommendations.

By following our Community-Centered Strategic Planning Process™, Community College leaders will end up with a clear course of action to align a College’s education and workforce development roles, re-imagine curricula, and align strategic roles with other key community partners. Ultimately, the Community College will have achieved a significant level of buy-in on their intended course of action from community leaders, faculty, staff, and students, and will be better positioned as a key component of any community’s plan for economic competitiveness and prosperity.

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