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Maher & Maher’s State and Regional Practice has been involved in regional economic and workforce development planning for nearly ten years. In our role as key technical assistance consultants to the U.S. Department of Labor’s WIRED initiative (Workforce Investment in Regional Economic Development), we devised a six-step process to help regional leaders identify opportunities for future economic prosperity and align key community stakeholders to a common vision.

Our support of the national policy direction in WIRED led to the development of Regional Innovation Grants (RIGs) and our work in regions around the country, including Iowa, New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Montana, Puerto Rico, and more.

Our propriety approach to regionalism is founded in our analysis of critical success factors for regional economic development and the role of talent development as a new global currency. Our Talent Pipeline illustrates an ultimate goal – a seamless collaboration between business, workforce and economic development and educational partners to define and build a talent supply chain to assure economic prosperity for our communities.

Our approach is a sectors-based strategy – aligning all partners around growth sectors that data suggests has the prospects of sustaining economic prosperity. We can help in building your vision, assembling your leadership team, developing an economic data scan to drive planning and facilitation of the planning process itself.
If your leadership is ready to tackle the challenge of building a 21st century approach to talent and the prosperity it can bring, we stand ready to help!

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Carrie Yeats Director, State & Regional Workforce Solutions

Carrie Yeats directs our State and Regional Workforce Solutions Practice, managing the day-to-day operations of the practice, as well as providing strategic direction to its work with states, regions, local workforce boards and other organizations, such as community colleges. Carrie has extensive experience leading large planning initiatives for local, state, and regional workforce and economic development collaboratives… More →