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Who We Are

For more than two decades, Maher & Maher has delivered tailored solutions to government agencies and commercial clientele. We are distinguished from our competition by our commitment to working with our clients in the capacity of a reflective and responsive partner. We are driven by our client’s vision, needs, and goals, and all of our consulting solutions embody that focus.

Our team offers the unique combination of deep staff development subject matter expertise, and far-reaching experience in a wide variety of staff development delivery vehicles, technical assistance strategies, and related organizational supports.

We use the latest tools and technology, including interactive web-based communications, as well as custom-developed technology solutions, to tackle your most important project challenges. We take what we learn from every project and integrate it into future solutions.

Meet some of our team:

Amy Young's photo

Amy Young Senior Consultant

Amy leads several of our key program initiatives for our Federal Workforce Solutions Practice in DC. She brings to the team extensive policy and program experience with over 10 years in the workforce development field. Most recently, Amy served as the Unit Chief for specialty…

Anne Tillema's photo

Anne Tillema Events Planner

Anne Tillema is an Events Planner and Project Manager for Maher & Maher and plays a leading role in planning and organizing events with federal agencies, as well as project management for a variety of federal projects.

Since starting with Maher &…

Anthony Adkisson's photo

Anthony Adkisson Consultant

Anthony Adkisson is a Consultant on the Maher & Maher Apprenticeship team working on national projects. Anthony comes to Maher with 20 years of combined experience in workforce development and the health and human services field.

Prior to joining Maher, Anthony was the…

Arnie Richter's photo

Arnie Richter Senior Advisor

Arnie Richter, has served in a variety of roles for the firm since 2001, most recently transitioning from a full-time role directing the state and regional practice, to a part-time position as a Senior Advisor on state and regional projects. He is currently working primarily…

Beth Brinly's photo

Beth Brinly Vice President of Workforce Innovation

Beth Brinly, our Vice President of Workforce Innovation, has significant experience leading large planning initiatives for local, state, and regional workforce, education and economic development collaboratives.  Beth is facilitating State Board strategic planning and training efforts in several states.  She is currently…

Bob Jacques's photo

Bob Jacques Director of Business Operations

In his role as Director of Business Operations, Bob Jacques is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Firm. In addition to working with Practice Directors and Project Managers to align staffing resources with project deliverables, he also manages contract personnel recruitment and…

Bradley Roller's photo

Bradley Roller Analyst

Bradley's professional experience in public affairs encompasses work in campaign field organizing and fundraising, policy analysis, media communications and government relations. Prior to joining the Maher & Maher team, Bradley worked for the Pennsylvania Workforce Development Association where he worked as a liaison…

Callie Murray's photo

Callie Murray Project Manager

Callie is a Project Manager with over ten years of experience working on federally-funded consulting projects, most recently for ICF at the Office of Justice Programs.  Her primary area of expertise is designing and delivering national technical assistance, and she successfully managed the…

Carrie Yeats's photo

Carrie Yeats Director, State & Regional Workforce Solutions

Carrie Yeats directs our State and Regional Workforce Solutions Practice, managing the day-to-day operations of the practice, as well as providing strategic direction to its work with states, regions, local workforce boards and other organizations, such as community colleges. Carrie has extensive experience leading…

Catherine Baker's photo

Catherine Baker Chief Learning Officer and Director of Private Sector

Catherine Baker is the Director of the Private Sector Practice, and Chief Learning Officer at Maher & Maher.  She has more than 15 years of experience consulting with clients to better workplace learning and development strategies−ensuring organizational alignment, employee engagement, and performance…

Cheryl Robbins's photo

Cheryl Robbins Web Development & Documentation Specialist

Cheryl has more than 15 years of experience working with Adobe products and has been a beta tester for new Photoshop CS releases, a supported Adobe software reviewer, and an instructor in advanced Photoshop and Illustrator techniques.  Since joining Maher & Maher, she has…

Christina Herzog's photo

Christina Herzog Senior Analyst

Christina Herzog serves as a Senior Analyst and Senior Project Manager for technical assistance projects under contracts with federal agencies. Christina’s expertise lies in developing national technical assistance strategies that effectively blend in-person and virtual training to support the development of…

Christy Montgomery-Jones's photo

Christy Montgomery-Jones Senior Analyst

Christy Montgomery has over 10 years of experience in workforce development and government administration. Christy is a skilled facilitator and takes great pride in offering innovative workforce solutions to customers for both Maher’s Federal & State/Regional practices. She brings a breadth…

Donna Batt's photo

Donna Batt Payroll Specialist

Donna Batt is the Payroll Specialist for Maher & Maher and she is responsible for handling the day-to-day operations within payroll.

Donna has over 20 years of experience in payroll, bookkeeping and office management.  Prior to joining the Maher team, Donna ran…

Erin Audia's photo

Erin Audia Instructional Designer

Erin Audia serves as an Instructional Designer with Maher & Maher. Her expertise includes designing and developing learning materials to support traditional instructor-led training (ILT) and virtual ILT, storyboarding eLearning, preparing assessments to determine whether core learning objectives have been satisfied, and creating knowledge…

Gary Gonzalez's photo

Gary Gonzalez Multimedia & Virtual Learning Consultant

Gary’s extensive experience with multiple virtual learning platforms and deep understanding of how multimedia can be leveraged to make the end user’s learning experience richer, has positioned him to be the principal virtual event consultant for Maher & Maher at…

Gina Wells's photo

Gina Wells Senior Analyst

Gina has over 15 years of experience in workforce development, public policy, organizational development and change management.  As a member of the Maher & Maher team, she serves as a Senior Analyst on projects related to customer-centered design, system alignment and integration, work-based learning,…

Gretchen Sullivan's photo

Gretchen Sullivan Senior Consultant

Gretchen has 20 years of experience in workforce development. Since joining Maher & Maher in 2007, she has supported a number of the firm’s key projects for the federal government, states and regions, community colleges, and other clients. She serves as a…

Jen Chingwe's photo

Jen Chingwe Project Manager

Jen Chingwe comes to Maher & Maher from Rutgers University where she was an instructional designer and doctoral candidate in the Design of Learning Environments. Her current dissertation research involves best practices in facilitating e-learning interaction and problem-solving in communities of practice. She has…

Jen Jacobs's photo

Jen Jacobs Online Training Specialist

Jen Jacobs works collaboratively with the Department of Labor and Employment and Training Administration staff, webinar leads, presenters, and internal staff in scheduling and facilitating webinar events. She brings to Maher & Maher a versatile skill set, including experience in customer service, business administration,…

Jennifer Pirtle's photo

Jennifer Pirtle Senior Consultant & Program Manager

Jen leads several of our key program initiatives for our Federal Workforce Solutions Practice in DC. She brings to the team 20 years in the workforce and economic development field. Most recently, Jen served as the Older Worker Unit Chief in ETA’s Office…

Jonathan Payne's photo

Jonathan Payne Project Manager

Jonathan Payne has over 10 years of experience in project design and management, and group facilitation methodologies from a wide range of technical assistance and community development positions. 

He has served as Project Manager of the WorkforceGPS project for more than three…

Jonathan Vehlow's photo

Jonathan Vehlow Online Training Specialist

Jon joins Maher as our Online Training Specialist, working collaboratively with the staff at the Department of Labor and Employment and Training Administration – webinar leads, presenters, and internal staff on site in scheduling and facilitating quality webinar events.

Prior to Maher,…

Judy Paccione's photo

Judy Paccione Office Manager

Judy brings a diverse work experience to Maher & Maher, including over 20 years in the areas of office management and accounting.    As Maher & Maher’s Office Manager, she is responsible for managing day-to-day operations, including accounts payable, accounts receivable,…

Julie Juliano's photo

Julie Juliano Senior Accounting Specialist

Julie has over 20 years of experience in accounting working for a wide range of companies from small business startups to Fortune 500 corporations.  Prior to joining Maher & Maher, Julie worked as an Accounting Manager/Executive Assistant.  Her background also includes working as…

Kate Najdzinowicz's photo

Kate Najdzinowicz Human Resources Generalist

Kate came to Maher & Maher with 20 years of experience in the corporate and manufacturing Human Resources environments, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.  Kate’s work experience includes employee relations, benefits, recruiting, compensation, company stock plan administration, affirmative action plan development and…

Kathleen Cashen's photo

Kathleen Cashen Senior Consultant

Katy has over 30 years of varied experience working in the publicly funded workforce system, working both at the state and national levels, focusing on policy development, legislative reform and best practices. She as a strong working relationship with the executive and line staff…

Kathleen Sweeney's photo

Kathleen Sweeney Senior Consultant

Kathy has a thirty-year-plus history as a leader and innovator in public and nonprofit workforce, education and economic development services in Minnesota.

Since joining Maher & Maher in 2014, she has supported the firm’s projects for the federal government, and state…

Kristine Dolin's photo

Kristine Dolin Learning Strategist

Kristine Dolin has over 20 years’ experience in leading, managing, and developing training programs and curricula for Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. At Maher & Maher, she serves as a Learning Strategist leading training projects across practices. She has worked on various…

Laura Casertano's photo

Laura Casertano Online Training Specialist

Laura Casertano joined Maher’s webinar team in 2016. She works collaboratively with the Department of Labor and Employment and Training Administration staff, webinar leads, presenters, and internal staff in scheduling and facilitating webinar events. She brings with her a versatile skill set, including…

Layli Oliver's photo

Layli Oliver Project Manager & Senior Analyst

Layli Oliver is a Project Manager and Senior Analyst at Maher & Maher. She has a background in communications, website content management and workforce strategy, where her areas of expertise include apprenticeship and sector strategies.

When Layli joined Maher & Maher in 2015,…

Linda Lawson's photo

Linda Lawson Senior Consultant

Linda manages several of the firm’s workforce training and technical assistance projects under contracts with the U.S. Department of Labor, other federal agencies, and intergovernmental organizations.

With over 20 years of experience in workforce development, human services, and adult education…

Lynn Bajorek's photo

Lynn Bajorek Senior Consultant

Lynn Bajorek has over 15 years of experience supporting continuous improvement across all levels of the public workforce system.  As a Senior Consultant with Maher & Maher, Lynn leads and supports a variety of projects with the United States Department of Labor’s…

Margaret Lamb's photo

Margaret Lamb Sr. Knowledge Manager & Documentation Specialist

Margaret Lamb has over 16 years of extensive experience with Maher & Maher.  Having worked in varied capacities throughout her tenure, she currently fills the role as Senior Knowledge Manager.  With her expert level proficiency in several desktop publishing and Microsoft Office software…

Matt Musante's photo

Matt Musante Analyst & Assistant Project Manager

Matt Musante is an Analyst & Assistant Project Manager at Maher & Maher. Matt currently serves both a project management and analyst-level role on multiple projects with U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and Employment and Training Administration (ETA), including an innovative project aimed…

Monica Melville's photo

Monica Melville Project Manager

Monica Melville is a Project Manager at Maher & Maher and primarily manages projects for federal clients. She currently manages contracts for U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA), including Real-Time Technical Assistance for the Office of Regional Management, which…

Nick D’Antonio's photo

Nick D’Antonio Senior Analyst

Nicholas (Nick) D’Antonio is a Senior Analyst with Maher & Maher and is responsible for playing a role in the Strategic Workforce and Apprenticeship project and efforts around Industry Recognized Apprenticeship. Nick’s expertise and experience lie in workforce development, industry…

Patricia Jones's photo

Patricia Jones Instructional Designer & eLearning Developer

Patricia Jones is an Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer with over 25 years of experience in educating adults in the corporate world. Since joining Maher & Maher in 2014, she has designed and developed online courses and tutorials for prominent clients such as Cox Communications, TD…

Patty Kosowsky's photo

Patty Kosowsky MOS, Documentation Specialist & Knowledge Manager

Patty Kosowsky brings over 25 years of experience in the areas of desktop design, developing marketing, documentation and training materials, as well as technical and process documentation.

A Maher veteran since 1999, Patty offers an extensive knowledge of a variety of software programs for…

Paulette Francois's photo

Paulette Francois Senior Consultant

Paulette Francois is a high-energy, senior-level leader with over 17 years of experience in the workforce arena as well as an influential change agent who possesses the insight, vision, and technical know-how to inspire scores and garner impressive results.  With extensive experience in Workforce…

Reanin McRoberts's photo

Reanin McRoberts Senior Analyst & Project manager

Reanin McRoberts is a Senior Analyst & Project Manager with over 10 years of experience in workforce development and project management. As a member of the Maher & Maher team, she supports projects in the State and Regional Workforce Solutions Practice.

Before joining…

Rebecca Livingston's photo

Rebecca Livingston Director of Federal Workforce Solutions

Rebecca Livingston is the Director of Federal Workforce Solutions and is responsible for leading Maher & Maher’s workforce training and technical assistance projects under contracts with federal agencies and Non-Government Organizations. Rebecca’s expertise lies in developing national technical assistance…

Richard Chen's photo

Richard Chen Director of IT & Web Solutions

Richard oversees the firm’s technology initiatives for its Commercial, Federal, and State & Regional practices.

Over his career in information technology, Richard has built a strong reputation helping clients gain competitive advantages by leveraging information technology to achieve greater flexibility…

Richard D. Maher's photo

Richard D. Maher Senior Consultant & IMPAQ Advisory Board Member

Richard D. ("Rick") Maher is a veteran of the human resources industry, and a recognized leader in the fields of managing organizational change and the strategic management of human capital.

As the Firm’s past President & CEO, Rick has overseen…

Robin Gwathney's photo

Robin Gwathney Consultant

Robin Gwathney is a consultant with 20+ years comprehensive experience in program/project development, implementation and evaluation.  She has 10+ years’ experience with research and analysis, survey development and analysis, and training. Robin has substantive experience with youth programs, dislocated adults and prisoner…

Sara Melton's photo

Sara Melton Assistant Project Manager

Sara Melton is the Assistant Project Manager supporting workforce development initiatives with the U.S. Department of Labor.  Sara is responsible for managing project day-to-day details and supporting the Project Manager.  Sara’s expertise lies in evaluating the project’s…

Scott Estrada's photo

Scott Estrada Performance Analyst & Project Manager

Scott Estrada serves primarily as a Performance Analyst for the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Grant Program (TAACCCT).  In that role Scott works with grantees to ensure that the performance reporting requirements of the TAACCCT grant are met. The metrics…

Silvia Middleton's photo

Silvia Middleton Senior Analyst

Silvia Middleton is an accomplished and energetic professional with ten years of experience in the area of workforce and talent development.  She has a wealth of knowledge of various workforce development programs, projects, and functions.  Since joining the Washington, DC office of…

Susan Brown's photo

Susan Brown Senior Instructional Designer

Susan (Sue) Brown joins Maher as a Senior Instructional Designer in our Private Sector Practice. She works directly with our Chief Learning Officer and Learning Strategist to assess client needs and craft innovative and effective learning solutions for our clients. She also works with…

Susan Duffin's photo

Susan Duffin Senior Consultant

Susan has more than 30 years of experience with workforce systems.  During her tenure with Maher & Maher as Senior Consultant, she has supported the U.S. Department of Labor with several initiatives and has assisted regions, states and local systems to attain their…

Susan Rusch's photo

Susan Rusch Consultant

Susan Rusch is a leading subject matter expert for Maher’s Federal and State/Regional practices. As a seasoned program manager and facilitator, she is playing a lead role in a number of projects that optimize the alignment and implementation of the workforce…

Susan Tartaglino's photo

Susan Tartaglino Senior Project Manager

Susan offers more than 20 years of professional experience in project management. 

A member of the Maher & Maher team for 16 years, Susan’s expertise lies in her ability to develop an understanding of customer’s needs and to take…

Terri Lonowski's photo

Terri Lonowski Senior Consultant

Terri brings to projects over 25 years of quality professional workforce development and education experience.  Since joining the Maher & Maher team in 2014, she has served as a Lead for the Office of Regional Management Real-Time Technical Assistance initiative; Coach for the Customer Centered…

Todd Cohen's photo

Todd Cohen Director, Strategic Initiatives

Todd Cohen is a national thought leader, strategist and program manager in the areas of higher education, workforce and economic development. He has over fifteen years of experience working with community colleges, industry associations, workforce boards, and economic development organizations to align services to…

Wanda Wright's photo

Wanda Wright Performance Analyst

Wanda currently serves as a Performance Analyst on the Maher & Maher team, supporting the Office of Workforce Investments for the Department of Labor’s Workforce Innovation Fund grant program. Her previous experience includes work as an analyst on several Federal grant projects…

Wendy Russell's photo

Wendy Russell Project Manager

Wendy Russell is Project Manager for Maher’s Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Implementation Technical Assistance project. Wendy’s expertise in federal education and workforce contract development and management has guided this two year plus complex project requiring the coordination of…

Wes Peterson's photo

Wes Peterson Digital Communications Associate

Wesley Peterson is the Digital Communications Associate, serving Maher & Maher’s workforce training and technical assistance projects under contracts with federal agencies and Non-Government Organizations. Wesley’s expertise lies in developing and aiding training and site development, including in-person and…