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Catherine Baker Chief Learning Officer and Director of Private Sector

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Catherine Baker is the Director of the Private Sector Practice, and Chief Learning Officer at Maher & Maher.  She has more than 15 years of experience consulting with clients to better workplace learning and development strategies−ensuring organizational alignment, employee engagement, and performance improvement to drive business outcomes.

In addition to her leadership talents, Catherine has worked in a range of roles over her professional tenure. From Manager of the Learning Function to Instructional Designer to Project Manager, her historical experience provides a wealth of insight into talent development, customer education, and processes that support effective design, development, and implementation of solutions that support these key business practices. She has worked with numerous Fortune 500 organizations in the Communications, Financial Services, and Life Sciences industries.

Catherine has contributed workplace learning & development thought-leadership to numerous associations including but not limited to ASTD National, eLearning Guild, Society of Pharmaceutical & Biotech Trainers, Society of Consumer Affairs, Strategic Account Management Association, and Training Magazine.  She recently completed a five-year term on the Mid New Jersey ASTD Board of Directors, and currently serves as the Chair of the Chapter’s Life Sciences Special Interest Group.

Before coming to Maher & Maher, Catherine was a Principal at Frogkick, Inc., founding the Life Sciences Division at that firm.  Prior to that, she served in Business Development, Solutions Design, Product Marketing, Project Management, and Instructional Design capacities at Kenexa.

Catherine holds a BS in Communications with a focus in Business Communications, and a MS in Communications with a concentration in Training and Development.  She completed her Master’s program with a 4.0 and was awarded Outstanding Student in her program.

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