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Maher Addresses Transformation at SETA Conference

September 2009 Biloxi, MS - The Southeast Employment and Training Association (SETA) held its 2008 Fall Conference at the exclusive Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino Resort here, providing four days of diversified professional development opportunities for workforce development professionals.

Maher & Maher’s President and CEO, Richard D. (“Rick”) Maher addressed the conference on changes going on in the global economy and how they are affecting the workforce system. “Catalyzing Transformation: An Approach to Planning and a Call to Action” was Maher’s rallying cry to workforce system leaders to understand and respond to changing economic conditions.

“Workforce system budgets are in decline and they have been for some time. The truth is, with the exception of a potential blip here or there, they’re not coming back. There simply isn’t the money in the federal budget to drive sustainable program-level funding increases. Workforce system leaders need to reinvent themselves and their businesses and, in doing so, diversify their funding streams. Regionalization is the key to aligning strategies with other partnered organizations, tapping into grant and private sector funding streams, and protecting the social and fiscal health of community’s for the next generation,” says Maher.

Catalyzing Transformation reviews the global context for workforce transformation, discusses the lessons of ETA’s WIRED initiative, and addresses the fundamental shift to “talent development” from the system’s legacy positioning as a training provider. “We’re still trainers and we’ll always need to serve displaced workers – that’s our legacy business and it always will be. However, today we are being called on to help build a supply chain strategy – to build a talent pipeline to fuel tomorrow’s growth industries in our local and regional economies. Today we should be preparing a skilled workforce for jobs that might not even exist yet – good paying jobs that can sustain families and entire communities” according to Maher.

His presentation continues Mr. Maher’s work on what he calls the “Transformation Imperative” – the need for workers and managers to become transformational leaders – better coping with and adapting to changing workplace conditions.

(Link to SETA Conference Transformation PowerPoint PDF)

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