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January 11, 2016, Neptune, NJ – Maher & Maher, the New Jersey-based specialized change management and training consulting firm, today announced that Beth A. Brinly will be joining the Firm’s Workforce Solutions Practice. Ms. Brinly, formerly the Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Education and Workforce Development Cabinet under Governor Steven L. Beshear, will join Maher as Vice-President, Workforce Innovation.

Beth Brinly“Beth Brinly is a powerful addition to our Firm,” said Richard D. Maher, the company’s President and CEO. “She has been a leader in the federal system and then in her state,” he continued. “While at the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), Beth was involved when current policies favoring regionalism, unified planning and sector-based innovation were being formalized, and when Governor Beshear asked her to serve in Kentucky she had the chance to implement those policies on a state-wide basis. She took full advantage of that chance, and has been seen, for some time now, as a real change agent in the Nation’s Workforce Development System. I joked with her that she is going to be our new “CTO” – Chief Transformation Officer – but I was really quite serious. Our clients tend to be serious about change, and adding Beth shows them that we are serious too.”

As part of her new role, Brinly will be supporting both the Firm’s Federal and State and Regional Workforce Solutions practices, and will also be forming an Advisory Board of leaders to help fuel innovative solutions for Maher & Maher’s clients. Brinly remarked, “As part of the Maher & Maher team, I look forward to joining with local, state and federal partners in maximizing the opportunity that several new laws afford us to rethink and retool the system while creating a business-led, talent development pipeline.”

“This is a time of great challenge and change for the Nation’s Workforce Development System, but also one filled with opportunity,” said Maher. “With the addition of Beth we’re adding someone who has both policy and practitioner-level experience, and has been recognized for her leadership in helping to transform the System to meet the challenges of today. We couldn’t be more thrilled and excited about having her as part of our Team!”

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