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Maher & Maher Presents on Web 2.0 Technologies & CoPs at the 2009 SCTE CBL&D Conference

November 3, 2009Richard D. (“Rick”) Maher, President and CEO of Maher & Maher kicked off last week’s SCTE Conference on broadband learning & development, held in Denver, CO, by challenging an industry group of learning professionals to “embrace the industry’s biggest change since e-learning.” Addressing the conference on the concept of social learning communities, Maher stressed how it differs from formal education and training practices, while exploring ways to advance the idea in today’s learning organization.

A social learning community – an online Community of Practice (CoP) formed of learners, instructors and topical experts brought together by their personal passion to develop new skills and expertise – fundamentally shifts the role of training professionals according to Maher. “We become the orchestra leader, convening and fostering community growth – but the control shifts to the learner – to the learning community,”
said Maher.

“Today, for the first time in our history, we see four generations of Americans represented in our workforce – a full 50% of whom are younger folks who enjoy working and learning this way,” according to Maher. “While most learning pros I know are keeping one eye on these trends, few are moving forward aggressively. This session was an attempt to start a dialogue, foster better understanding and share ideas and
thoughts for the benefit of all.”

The session, entitled Leveraging Web 2.0 Technologies & CoPs to Advance Skills Training, was designed to explore the value of 2.0 technologies and spark conversation about how the industry can foster social learning communities to support informal learning, while capturing tacit knowledge within the enterprise.

Click here to view a copy of Rick’s presentation.

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