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President and CEO of Maher & Maher, Operator of the Adaptive Human Capital Network, Speaks to Global Leader Think Tank at Windsor Castle Regarding Agile and Adaptive Workforces

November 1, 2012 - Windsor Castle, UK Rick Maher, President and CEO of Maher & Maher - the operator of the Adaptive Human Capital Network spoke to a group of economic development and educational leaders from around the globe at the Building Sustainable Regional Communities in Today’s World conference held at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, Windsor, England on October 14th, 2012.

Maher’ presentation was titled, “The Future Regional Workforce: How Do We Build Agile and Adaptive Workforces that are Able to Respond to the Emerging Economic Trends and Opportunities?” Its central focus was the workforce as the key differentiator in global markets.

Maher identified critical success factors in regional economic development initiatives where leadership and Adaptive Human Capital Systems are seen as the factors that will separate winners from losers on the global stage. Maher challenged the audience of global leaders to build a talent development ecosystem that can quickly adapt to market needs in the shifting global economy.

Maher spoke as part of an ‘invitation-only’ consultancy jointly sponsored by Windsor Castle’s St. George’s House and Future iQ Partners, creators of The Future Game® Corporate Edition, which is the Adaptive Human Capital Network’s flagship product. The conference was attended by leaders from eleven countries from the European Union, North America, and Australia.

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About the Program Sponsors

St. George’s House was founded in 1966 by H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the then Dean of Windsor, Robin Woods, as a place where people of influence and responsibility in every area of society can come together to explore and communicate their views and analysis of contemporary issues. The Duke of Edinburgh believes that, as the College is hidden away within the Castle walls, it is particularly suitable to attract people in positions of leadership within government, industry, commerce, and the churches as a place for discrete discussions of mutual and national interest.

Future IQ Partners work across the world to build vibrant regional economies, sustainable industry, great destinations, and productive community development. They have helped regions across the world flourish by building networks of expertise and unique tools that focus on developing long-term agility and sustainability.

About Maher & Maher and the Adaptive Human Capital Network

Maher & Maher, a specialized change-management consulting firm, focuses on helping clients make strategic investments in human capital development that drive positive organizational outcomes. The firm’s new Adaptive Human Capital Division aims to develop more resilient human capital systems at the individual, organizational, and community levels. It is the Operator of the Adaptive Human Capital Network, a collaboration of thought leaders focused on providing agile and future solutions to the challenges of today’s complex and changing time. Maher serves clientele in both the public and private sectors from offices in New Jersey and Washington, D.C.