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AcSELLeration Series

AcSELLeration Series ™ was created in partnership with  JonesNCTI, a Jones company, providing employee training, consulting services, and online training specific to the cable industry.

The blended curriculum offers fundamental selling and product specific knowledge and skills.  The curriculum is actively engaged by broadband companies across the US.

Each course in the curriculum is designed to increase productivity through improved performance of call centers and inside sales functions.

The blended curriculum, utilizes e-learning, online and print-based supervisory support tools, and online learner administration and reporting capabilities.

With AcSELLeration Series, you can address critical performance issues related to:

  • Sales goals
  • Customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Product rollouts
  • Ongoing training

If you need a proven tool to boost productivity and performance, then our AcSELLeration Series is for you!

Some of the components of AcSELLeration Series are:

  • Fundamentals of Selling
  • Selling Against DBS Providers
  • Selling Against DSL Providers
  • Selling Digital Cable
  • Selling Digital Voice
  • Selling High-Definition TV
  • Selling High-Speed Internet
  • Selling Personal Video Recorder (PVR) Service
  • Selling Video on Demand (VOD)

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Catherine Baker Chief Learning Officer and Director of Private Sector

Catherine Baker is the Director of the Private Sector Practice, and Chief Learning Officer at Maher & Maher.  She has more than 15 years of experience contributing to workplace learning and development strategies and oversight of complex, multi-year projects that involve a blend of in-person and virtual learning, communication, and performance support tactics.

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