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American Job Center Brand Outreach and Technical Assistance

In a State of the Union address, President Obama called for a streamlined reemployment system to help unemployed jobseekers return to work. A key part of this effort is to raise awareness of Federal resources available to the public by visually identifying these in-person and virtual employment resources under a single recognizable identity — the American Job Center, or AJC, network. Each year, 20 million individuals tap into existing workforce system resources, but there are millions more who could benefit from being able to reliably find the services they need to succeed in today’s economy. Currently, names for One-Stop Career Centers vary from state to state, or even from town to town, and online Federal, state and local tools are spread across many websites with different names. Jobseekers may not realize that these resources are available to connect them to training and other workforce development supports. The AJC brand makes it easier for workers and businesses to find and use One-Stop Career Centers.

In June 2012, US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration (ETA) announced the American Job Center Network (AJC) and provided guidance for the workforce investment system via TEGL 36-11 and TEGL 21-11, Change 1.  The AJC network is a unifying name and brand that identifies virtual and in-person publicly-funded workforce development services as part of a single network. ETA encouraged states and local workforce investment areas to implement the AJC brand and identify their One-Stop Career Centers as AJCs.

Through the AJC Brand Outreach and Technical Assistance initiative, Maher & Maher will work with ETA's Office of Workforce Investment to complete an Environmental Scan that includes:

  • Information about successes and challenges that states have had in adopting the AJC brand.
  • Identification of tools that states would find useful in providing outreach to their stakeholders.

We will also develop and deliver an Outreach Toolkit o use with employers, job seekers, and other stakeholders, which will include Messaging tools and strategies (messaging, press release templates, social media posts, blog posts, templates, etc.) to promote and encourage adoption of the AJC brand throughout the Workforce Investment System. 

And finally, we will develop a Dissemination Plan to share the toolkit with the Workforce Investment System, which will include a consumer video to highlight the services and resources available at the AJCs; a webinar to unveil the Toolkit for the Regional Office, State, WIB, and local AJC staff; articles that can be shared on the DOL’s blog or other newsletters for workforce development professionals; and other methods to share the resources with the system.