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Our Projects

American Recovery & Reemployment Act (ARRA) and Green Jobs Technical Assistance

On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) which included approximately $4 billion of new funding for the publicly funded workforce system.  Our client, the Employment and Training Administration (ETA), partnered with Maher & Maher to provide technical assistance and virtual training support for 244 ARRA Grantees focused on green jobs or healthcare training and employment. Maher’s technical assistance included the development and management of the Green Jobs Community of Practice (CoP) that provides promising practices on green jobs training solutions and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to the workforce, education and economic development practitioners.

In addition, Maher & Maher developed and managed targeted ARRA Grantee sub-sites that provided grant administration and management information based on ARRA grant-type. Through these sub-sites, Maher & Maher:

  • Produced over a dozen technical assistance webinars
  • Managed blog posts and comments
  • Identified and uploaded relevant content and reports
  • Monitored discussion threads
  • Facilitated monthly on-line grantee chats
  • Provided monthly CoP statistics on use and membership
  • Captured videos and success stories during grantee institutes, which we then edited and posted on the CoPs

Maher & Maher provided the client with ongoing training and CoP support, so at contract conclusion, there was a seamless transition from Maher & Maher’s management of the CoPs, to client in-house management.  The Green Jobs CoP currently has over 12,700 members and continues to grow in membership and content offerings.