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Our Projects

Business Service Representative (BSR) Training

Maher & Maher was competitively awarded a contract by the Employment and Training Administration of the Department of Labor to design, develop and deliver training both in-person and online to Business Service Representatives (BSRs) from public workforce agencies.  The training was designed as a train-the-trainer model, to introduce practitioners to electronic tools and resources developed to facilitate business engagement.  Overall, Maher & Maher developed an online learning community for trainers and workforce professionals alike that helps the public workforce system more effectively engage and serve the business community. 

The project specifically required the Maher team to:

  • Research existing electronic tools that support business engagement;
  • Identify and engage leading subject matter experts and business partners;
  • Develop curricula to describe use of these tools and their value in delivering business services;
  • Produce a comprehensive Facilitator Guide for use in the training program and as a future reference for regional, state and local business services training;
  • Design and develop a business services website to serve as a train-the-trainer platform; and
  • Establish a social media network specifically for business service representatives to share and discuss innovative approaches to meeting the needs of their business customers.

Research – Under this aspect of the project, the Maher team investigated innovative approaches developed by state and local workforce boards to improve relationships with their business customers.  Emphasis was on identifying initiatives that focused on understanding the needs of the business community

Experts/Partners – Maher identified more than 20 leading practitioners in state and local workforce organizations.  These thought leaders contributed to and commented on the curricula developed for the training program, and eight experts traveled to Washington to participate in the training. 

Curricula – The program elements covered best practices in understanding how to use labor market information, engaging business partners, delivering services, measuring results and utilizing social media.  Independent study and Facilitator Guides were produced for each element of the training and this information is archived on the Business Services website we created and populated.

Facilitator and Participant Guides – A comprehensive guide was developed for the training and then reformatted for general use by the workforce system.  These Guides can be used for the entire training program or individual training elements.  These may be found in the Getting Started section of the website.

Website – The Maher team was challenged to design and implement a comprehensive resource website in less than six weeks.  The resulting product was extremely well-received by the Department and the public workforce system.

Social Media – The use of Social Media is relatively new in the public workforce system, and a unique feature of this project was the inclusion of input gained from subject matter experts in this field.  The Maher team engaged several leading state and local providers to share their insights and innovations to make this the most popular element of the training.