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Our Projects

Change Management Policy & Process

The goal of Change Management is to strategically transition individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. 

At Maher & Maher, we have a long history of helping stakeholders to accept and embrace change, transforming teams and organizations. Our Firm has supported change initiatives that have shaped our modern workplace, including:

  • The implementation of an online curriculum to support the successful integration of new technical operations policy, processes, and system changes that resulted from the restructuring of a large media and communications organization. Maher & Maher worked with technical operations leadership to bring groups affected by the changes up to speed with the new direction of the division, and as a result we created two web-based training courses.  The first course explained the components and process for successful implementation of new policy so that employees could align contributions to the new Vision and Mission of the technical operations team.  The second course walked stakeholders through a revitalized system that supports change ticket creation, requests, approvals, scheduling, implementation, and review.
  • The Nation’s first deployment of high-speed internet services. When Time Warner Cable moved to launch the first high-speed internet service in the U.S. we helped to develop their core business process and change management strategy to transform their video business in every local system in the Nation to a data services provider. From management practices, to customer care, to installation and service, we designed, developed, and staffed a complete implementation and training strategy for their new Road Runner High Speed Data Service.
  • Road Runner University The first online corporate university in the cable television industry. As we moved to support the industry’s deployment of high speed data services, the traditional classroom training model (ILT) was not efficient enough to meet robust deployment timelines. In response, we developed the industry’s first online university (Road Runner University) a blended learning and certification solution, and later we brought Broadband Learning Live to the market to help bridge the skills gap and boost the workplace skills needed to support advanced broadband products. 
  • The communications and training plan to deploy O*NET (the Occupational Information Network), which has become the common language for discussing competencies in the American economy. O*NET was designed to replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which was dated and no longer represented the American economy adequately. O*NET's online database of worker knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) was designed through primary industry research – providing a common language for workforce data collection, demand projections for occupational needs, and curriculum design. Our O*NET Academy offered communications and training strategies to educate a broad array of stakeholders in government, industry, and educational institutions to successfully deploy the new platform and firmly establish it as the “gold standard” for workforce information.
  • ScreenshotThe first large-scale, interactive, online Community of Practice in the U.S. Department of Labor. When the U.S. Department of Labor wanted a direct link with national, state, and local leaders to communicate transformational policy directions in the Nation’s workforce development strategy, we designed, developed, deployed and managed Workforce3One (since replaced by WorkforceGPS) – the first online community of practice of its kind. Today, with over 100,000 community members, the platform is the Employment and Training Administration’s primary communications, training, and technical assistance vehicle.
  • The Deployment of Regional Innovation Grants. Communities trying to rebound from an economic shock (either a natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, or an industry shutdown such as the Maytag Company’s departure from Iowa) need a plan and community alignment to find their “best, highest future.” Working with the Department of Labor, we helped develop a series of grants called Regional Innovation Grants (RIGs) to help these communities bring leaders together from all aspects of the community (politics, employers, educators, and economic and workforce development) to create a common future vision, based on economic trends and data, that offers them the best possible future in terms of their economy, their environment, and their societal well-being. Our change process provides a six-step process for developing a leadership group, and driving alignment in planning and purpose.
  • The Development of an online Wiki for Global Support for Intel. Intel needed a just-in-time, global support system for their IT community to support common customer care issues. They had deployed a wiki to collect and disseminate knowledge and best practices, but needed intuitive design and online help features to draw participants to the site and address the adoption problem. Our designers worked with inside experts to add just-in-time training and build capacity, to make the wiki easier to use and to share knowledge to bolster global adoption and deployment of the solution.
  • The First Deployment of Cellular Service over Cable. When a major cable communications firm decided to deploy cellular phone services to their customer base, they partnered with a major provider and asked us to support the deployment. We identified the target audience, developed a communications and training strategy, and worked with both partners to develop and refine content – deploying a blended curriculum (web and classroom based) to meet aggressive deployment schedules.