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Our Projects

Communication Services Installation with Labs

For over two decades, Maher & Maher has successfully collaborated with clients within the Communication Services industry to design and develop learning solutions that provide participants with opportunities to apply new technical skills before venturing into the field. Through custom instructor-led and blended learning strategies, we have provided organizations such as Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, and Cox Communications with interactive technical solutions that allow facilitators to assess the development of installation, testing, and troubleshooting skills via scenario-based exercises and practical applications in a lab environment that simulates authentic field conditions. From preliminary survey processes to the proper handling and installation of equipment, our lab-based solutions ensure that all team members receive the information and experience required to perform their role with accuracy and attention to detail.

Whether our clients request a single, streamlined solution that details the steps of a basic residential cable installation or an extensive, multi-session workshop that covers the A-to-Z processes for providing businesses with digital phone service, Maher & Maher responds to their needs by collaborating with subject matter and product experts to identify the best strategy for clarifying methods, procedures, equipment, and skills for learners in every relevant job function. Our design team carries a breadth of experience with developing detailed support materials for lab-based solutions, such as:

  • Facilitator guides
  • Participant guides
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Detailed step-by-step task instructions
  • Job aids
  • Flowcharts
  • Additional custom reference materials

Maher & Maher enhances all of our support materials with graphic representations of key tasks that will help simplify learners’ experience in the lab environment and their application of new knowledge and skills on the job.