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Our Projects

Compliance, Safety & Risk Management

Compliance and Safety & Risk Management have similar core principles.  Both are essential to most organizations.  Minimizing infractions associated with each is of enormous importance.  These functions serve not only to avoid scrutiny and fines from regulatory agencies, but they also help facilitate an ethical work environment where employees are engaged and can safely and effectively perform their jobs.

Maher & Maher has collaborated with our clients to create customized learning and performance support systems to help address topics including:

  • Compliance basics—the big picture
  • Compliance guidance in sales—how to leverage it effectively
  • Interpreting and applying product promotional guidance
  • Promoting fitness and wellness through proactive behaviors
  • Taking personal responsibility for your own fitness and wellness

We have worked closely with compliance, human resources, learning & development, product management, risk management, and other key contributors to produce the most effective learning solutions for each topic, audience, and organization.  We have delivered print, eLearning, workshop, distance learning, and blended solutions for our clients.

Maher & Maher has contributed to compliance and safety and risk initiatives at organizations recognized for corporate responsibility and ethical leadership in their respective industries.