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Our Projects

Customer Education (Mobile & PC)

Our clients depend on customer satisfaction and competitive differentiation for growth just as we do at Maher & Maher. In a global economy where standing out with customers is more essential than ever, customer education is an essential part of the service experience.  Customer education is critical in building a long-term value-based relationship.  Advancing the knowledge and skills of customers so they can gain the most value from the products and services offered by our clients to Maher is a win-win.

Maher partnered with a leading financial services firm consistently recognized by Barron’s as a leader in customer service and education, to create several customer education programs for their Financial Advisor clientele.  Our client’s belief was that broadening their practice management services to include a diversified set of investment solutions to help move their Advisor practices to the next level was of immense value.  However, including educational support to enable Advisors to efficiently utilize these services to better service their own customers was also an essential component of their service commitment.

Maher & Maher worked with subject-matter experts and created a series of short, focused, web-based tutorials and videos to provide a streamlined overview of how to navigate and utilize proprietary practice management systems to expedite uptake of these services.  This educational support system was made available on PC and Mobile (iPad) platforms.

Our client also utilized the tutorials and videos to train internal company stakeholders responsible for supporting the needs of the firm’s Advisor audience.  This dual-design saved our client money while delivering a consistent, engaging, and effective experience for both Advisor and employee stakeholders.