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Our Projects

Customer Service

At Maher & Maher, we have created learning and development solutions that successfully supported and improved the customer service processes of clients within both the private and public sectors. From call center staff in the communications and broadband industries to State employees who support local One-Stop Centers, we have collaborated with clients to determine the learning objectives and desired outcomes of training related to:

  • Expectations of service calls and visits
  • Interpersonal skills and service processes
  • Modeling appropriate behaviors and procedures
  • Managing customer questions and concerns regarding a specific product or service

Our design team is careful to consider the specific customer service processes and skills to be targeted when selecting the right delivery method for each solution. By referencing our experience with customer support training and having clear discussions with our clients, we choose the most effective platform– instructor-led, eLearning, or a blended approach – for every new customer service solution we develop.

Maher & Maher is committed to developing customer service talent using learning strategies that are both engaging and interactive. Regardless of the delivery platform, we develop a solution that allows learners to apply what they learn and realize how their interactions directly impact customer satisfaction, retention, and the upselling of products or services.