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Our Projects

Department of Education Career Pathways

In 2012, Maher & Maher partnered with Jobs for the Future (JFF) to provide technical assistance to the US Department of Education, Office of and Vocational Adult Education, for the “Advancing Career and Technical Education in State and Local Career Pathways Systems” initiative.  This initiative supported state and local efforts to create integrated Career Pathways systems involving industry, education, workforce, and economic development.  It also addressed state and local barriers to the development and implementation of cross-system policies that support transitions for secondary students and adult learners into postsecondary education and employment in the 21st century workforce.  This initiative builds on the US Department of Labor’s Career Pathways Technical Assistance Initiative. 

Together with JFF, the Maher & Maher team worked to scope, develop, and manage a “virtual learning hub” online resource-sharing and discussion forum.   Working with the US Department of Education, Maher & Maher was able to harness the client’s existing online website in order to bring up this new virtual learning space, and deploy it very rapidly in order to employ its use as a blended learning tool as part of an in-person training event. 

The Maher & Maher team also assisted in the development and production of a number of virtual events, including several large virtual meetings and webinars.  With over 25 years in virtual events management, the Maher team lent our significant expertise towards successfully shaping and convening the virtual events, and also provided the logistics and facilitation for each event.