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Our Projects

ETA Innovation University (InnovatETA)

Maher & Maher, in partnership with the United States Department of Labor’s Employment & Training Administration (ETA), created InnovatETA, a comprehensive change management and agency-wide capacity-building strategy to unleash the talents and assets of the ETA staff to more effectively aid in the transformation of regional economies through workforce development.

To accomplish this, Maher established a series of multi-level, cross-functional teams, and facilitated those teams through a process that identified initiatives that ETA undertook to achieve internal transformation.  Deliverables included facilitation of teams to identify core learning objectives, two-day Innovation Academies which were rolled out using a Train-the-trainer model by ETA staff in regions across the country, and a series of InnovatETA webinars.

The training, branded as “ETA Innovation Academy,” was rolled out for all ETA staff – including National and Regional Office staff – through instructor-led and virtual courses.  The Academy’s focus was “Learn, Innovate, and Lead.” It provided an overview of critical ETA policy initiatives so that all staff align to new roles, and used contextual learning (where ETA staff performed a hands-on analysis to deepen their own knowledge and perspectives). Participants were challenged to create new ideas and brainstorm potential solutions to agency-wide challenges – which were refined in the form of innovations to be recommended to Senior ETA Leaders.

InnovatETA was truly a transformational change initiative that fostered organizational alignment and was seen to improve employee engagement across the Agency.