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Our Projects

Investment Management Systems Tutorials

Maher has created numerous investment management system tutorials for our Financial Services clientele.  These short, focused, interactive online simulations of system functionality reduce the time to become efficient in performing key investing and portfolio analysis tasks.

When packaged together as a course, tutorials can serve as formal training for employees or for others that utilize investment management systems such as independent Advisors.

Tutorials can also be packaged as an online Help feature and imbedded directly into the systems to be accessed when needed.

Independently, tutorials as well as demos are very effective as just-in-time explanations of features and functions.  Upon first accessing a feature in the system, the tutorial or demo explains it.  Once viewed, these become optional to be viewed in the future only as needed.

Maher & Maher worked with subject matter experts, and with test-system accounts to create the web-based tutorials and demos remotely—without having to be onsite.  This approach provided a cost-effective and efficient process that resulted in a broad portfolio of tutorials.

Maher has also created numerous tutorials for other systems and tools such as remote controls, sales calculators, quality assurance, and billing systems.

“Maher & Maher has become a fluent expert in understanding our business and delivering results that fit into our business. We are big fans!”

— Administrative Director, Association of Federal Workforce Development

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