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Kentucky Career Center Customer Flow

Maher & Maher has been fortunate to be a strong partner in the transformative change being realized throughout Kentucky’s talent development system, and was pleased to again be selected to help Kentucky's leadership move forward with its 2014-2015 Career Center Customer Flow effort. Over the last several years, we have engaged in multiple projects supporting Kentucky’s transformation, including:

  • Kentucky's One-Stop Career Center Certification process;
  • Formulation of Kentucky’s Workforce Academy and Partner for Success staff training and development initiatives;
  • Development and adoption of a unified business services strategy linking workforce development, economic development, and the community and technical college system; and
  • The Commonwealth’s deployment of statewide and regional industry sector strategies.

Under the Career Center Customer Flow project, we worked with local and state-level leaders to observe how, and to what extent, Kentucky’s various system transformation efforts are reflected as the framework for customer service for both employer and job seeker customers throughout the Commonwealth. Kentucky’s entire workforce system transformational initiative is a change management activity of the highest order, and this project focused on making sure that change happens where it matters most: in customer-facing and service delivery activities in and around the Commonwealth’s Career Centers.

The Maher consulting team traveled throughout the Commonwealth’s 10 workforce areas, meeting with local Center staff and leaders and observing customer flow within a diverse set of Centers. We observed how service delivery reflects an increasing focus on regional growth sectors, documented promising practices, and gained perspective from Career Center partners on how well the service experience reflects Kentucky’s Brand Promise.  Under the project, we also surveyed a sample of job seeker and employer customer to get their perspectives and feedback on the service experience.  Following our site visits, we developed a comprehensive report on Career Center customer flow, documenting our observations, highlighting promising strategies and models, and making actionable recommendations for Kentucky’s continued progress.

The Career Center Customer Flow project was an exciting challenge for the Maher team, and allowed us to integrate many of the national, state, and regional initiatives we have worked on for the benefit of our partners in Kentucky. The customer experience is the ultimate measure of success, and we are not at all surprised that Kentucky’s leaders are boldly challenging themselves to identify and scale best practices for the benefit of the employers and job seekers they serve.


KCC_Customer_Flow_Final_Project_Report 2 MB