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Kentucky Workforce Academy

Following on the Kentucky Sector Strategies and One Stop Certification projects, Maher & Maher supported the development of the Kentucky Workforce Academy. The goal of the Academy project was two-fold: (1) to build support and understanding of Kentucky’s brand promise, and build capacity to support the transformation of the workforce system to an integrated delivery system, benefitting the citizens of the Commonwealth and each of its economic regions; and (2) to provide valid inputs into a comprehensive curriculum plan to support the transformation and personal growth of those individuals who make up the workforce system in the Commonwealth. The Kentucky Workforce Academy project is relevant here because it is within the One Stop Centers, in collaboration with other workforce system partners, that many of Kentucky’s transformational efforts and initiatives will be implemented.

For development of the Workforce Academy, the Maher team pursued a series of intersecting tasks, all of which were designed to inform the development of ultimate Academy curriculum recommendations.  These tasks included:

  • Identification of targeted Academy audiences, including broad occupational categories as well as sample job titles within occupational categories, across the system and at all levels of the system;
  • Pursuit of a multi-pronged approach to gaining system input around existing competencies as well as competency and learning needs, including a research-based competency analysis, an online needs assessment survey, and onsite focus groups; and
  • Development of a Training Needs Report, which summarized the overall findings, job competencies, and training needs identified through information-gathering activities, and included a gap analysis.

Using these critical inputs, Maher & Maher then drafted the foundational course for the Workforce Academy, a four-module training that includes an additional pre-work module for managers.  The course, “Foundations for the Future,” was piloted with a diverse audience in February 2012 and revised to reflect feedback from pilot training participants and the project Steering Team.  The Maher team then designed and facilitated a three-day train-the-trainer session for trainer-candidates in June 2012.

In addition to our team’s development of the foundational Academy course, we also conducted an extensive effort to identify other courses (existing and needed) for inclusion in the larger Academy curriculum.  A series of courses, customized for each Academy audience cohort, were recommended in the following tracks:

  • Foundations for Transformation
  • Leadership and Management
  • The Talent Pipeline
  • Core Skills Courses
  • Compliance Courses

As a result of the roll-out of the Kentucky Workforce Academy, diverse partners in the Commonwealth’s workforce system, at all levels of the system, will be well-positioned to support “horizontal” and “vertical” alignment; foster an integrated service delivery system between and among all partners; and deliver on the promise of solutions-based, customer-centric, and seamless solutions for all system customers.


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