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Mid Iowa Growth Partnership (MIGP) Regional Innovation Grant

In 2010, Maher & Maher, EMSI, and Innovative Leadership Australia (ILA-USA) partnered as subcontractors to the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (IABI) to deliver the MIGP Regional Innovation Grant planning process. Maher & Maher assisted in development of the regional Leadership Team, which was built upon a key core group of leaders. Maher led plan facilitation duties with IABI, completed the Social Network Map report, and authored the Regional Plan.

ILA-USA facilitated the Scenario Planning workshop that established the “Future Fortunes” vision. EMSI completed a career audit report and regional asset map. The career audit served as a skill gap analysis of the MIGP region’s workforce, and helped identify key occupations in the MIGP region (based on the previous targeted industry reports, staffing patterns, and feedback received from the leadership group) and critical competencies, or KSAs, for the area. In addition, it helped develop and characterize career pathways for key target occupations and tie the understanding of in-demand competencies back to education and the entire talent development system. The regional asset map included a SWOT analysis and detailed analysis of key economic indicators, population characteristics, as well as metrics related to economic development, education, and quality of life.



MIGP_Draft_Plan_Report_20110114 2 MB