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Our Projects

Mobile TV Sales eModule

As part of our longstanding partnership with a leading Media & Communications firm, Maher developed training that explained the value of television programming delivery on mobile devices including iPad and iPhone, as well as PC and MAC-based laptops and computers.

Because mobile devices play an integral role in the life of a college student, our innovative client expanded their Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) offering to this targeted customer base.  IPTV, a relatively new offering whereby multimedia services such as television, video, audio, etc. are delivered over the Internet serves great purpose on a university campus.  Today’s college students spend most of their lives surrounded by and using tablets, computers, videogames, digital music players, video cams, cell phones, and all the other technical gadgets of the digital age.

The training Maher created was specific to the US business services sales team  accountable for selling the IPTV service to colleges and universities with on-campus living.  We designed scenario-based training, which explained the technology behind the product, defined product features and benefits, identified actions that sales representatives must take to successfully sell this service and offered an opportunity apply that knowledge and skill in practice activities. The “eModule” also provided job aids and a final assessment.

The training was developed for delivery in a SCORM compliant LMS, as well as for viewing on mobile devices.