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Office of Regional Management (ORM)  Real-Time Technical Assistance

ETA supports Federal workforce development programs through technical assistance provided through both its National Office and through six Regional Offices throughout the United States. Each region oversees program administration for a group of states, and, as such, has intimate knowledge of state-level performance to program objectives and local needs for technical assistance.

Maher & Maher was pleased to have been recently awarded a multi-year contract to support the Technical Assistance needs of ETA’s Regional Offices. The award gives us a chance to support a wide array of technical support, and to “connect the dots” from our existing portfolio of contract support projects to many of ETA’s National Offices (including the Office of Workforce Investment, the Office of Unemployment Insurance, and the Office of Apprenticeship).

“We are charged with improving program performance and grantee outcomes by supporting ETA’s Regional Office staff to deliver an incredible array of technical assistance programming,” said Richard D. Maher, President & CEO. “I know our team will need to draw from our partners and all our internal talents to deliver, and I know we’re up to the challenge.”

Following a detailed needs assessment done for each Regional Office, Maher will be offering a set of technical assistance solutions to meet ETA’s needs, including:

  • Webinars and virtual events;
  • Meeting facilitation and logistics support;
  • Peer-to-peer learning networks;
  • On-site coaching and TA meetings;
  • Training design, development, and delivery; and,
  • Identification and dissemination of emerging best and promising practices.

This is a significant award and we are so very pleased to have been selected, once again, to support ETA. We will be able to coordinate the development of solutions to TA needs across both National and Regional Office staff and across all of ETA’s varied programs. Our team works in the federal, state, and local levels today, so we feel like we’re well equipped for the task, and look forward to the opportunity to support the Nation’s workforce system at this critical time through this critically important project opportunity.