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Performance Support Tools

In today’s age of information overload, it is ever-important to be able to get just-in-time assistance or guidance to perform effectively on the job.  Performance Support Tools are essential to facilitating an employee-centric workplace where the perspective is to provide employees what they must know and “help them find the rest when needed.”

To effectively assist employees while on-the-job, we must provide learning and support that is centered on the employees’ needs in the given moment.  In most cases, this leverages technology to enable learning at any time, from anywhere. For some, that can be as easy as turning to Google, but for many others—with unique and specific needs- Performance Support Tools are essential.

Robert Kelly of Carnegie-Mellon University conducted a 20-Year Longitudinal Study of Knowledge Workers which showed us that in 2006, ONLY 10% of the knowledge required to do your job had to be stored in your mind.  We can only guess that today that percentage is even less. 

Performance Support Tools can range from step-by-step instructions, process maps, web-based tutorials, instructional videos, to good old-fashioned Job Aids.  Offering these tools in an easy-to-access fashion allows employees to get the specific guidance they need, exactly when they need it.