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Puerto Rico: Technical Assistance to WIRED Regions

Maher & Maher was retained by the Commonwealth’s Labor Department and ETA to help resolve issues relating to their failure to reach consensus on organizational and industry selection issues in two WIRED regions. Maher’s four-person consulting team made two extended trips to Puerto Rico to accomplish two objectives:

  • Assist two WIRED regions (INTECO and INTENOR) in coalescing and aligning its Leadership Group and workforce system around new targeted sectors and their related education and training needs; and
  • Make recommendations to the Commonwealth Labor Department to establish a series of incentives and penalties to encourage regional approaches to workforce development throughout the commonwealth.

Underlying these objectives was the need to build a broad-based understanding of the problems resulting from the lack of service integration and talent development activities; and to build support based on the benefits to be accrued from regionalization. In other words, working in two pilot regions that had acquired WIRED grants, the overarching objective was to provide assistance at the regional/local levels, and incentives from the Commonwealth level, to align and even integrate WIRED policies, objectives and process with those of the One Stop system.