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Our Projects

Real-Time Labor Market Information Products and Tools

The US Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has supported state research, investments, and use of the emergent and evolving Real-Time Labor Market Information (RT LMI) products and tools for several years.  While some states and local workforce investment boards are building staff capacity to leverage RT LMI, many are not using RT LMI or leveraging its output at the state or local level to develop workforce solutions including reemployment and employment opportunities in growth industries for job seekers.

Maher & Maher is currently working with ETA to provide technical assistance to selected states on RT LMI.  Over the upcoming months, the Maher team will work to:

  • Conduct an environmental scan to identify current and promising RT LMI trends and practices, including industry sector and/or cluster approaches.
  • Create training and technical assistance resources and tools such as user guides, webinars, assessment tools, and training modules.
  • Collect and document promising practices and develop case studies.
  • Consult with state and sub-state areas to assist them in incorporating RT LMI into their strategies for working creatively and efficiently with employers and other partners to provide services that lead to better outcomes for individuals, businesses, and their communities. 
  • Conduct workshops or presentations at regional conferences promoting the use of RT LMI.
  • Purchase licenses for use of RT LMI products or tools for selected states and work to provide technical assistance to selected states that already have licenses.
  • Plan, manage, and facilitate virtual meetings and peer learning exchanges.